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This tour is only available only from June through September. Whale sharks are one of the most amazing things you can ever see under the water, a truly exhilarating experience. Whale sharks are also one of the safest sharks to dive with. They're shy, timid sharks that are very cautious around humans. Cancunmermaid Travel Agency Helping you to make the most out of your vacation with the best tours at the lowest prices. Let us take care of all the details for you! Our Phone number is: 52-998-847-9184 or Cell NÂș 52 998-134-0180 If dialing from Cancun, simply dial 134-0180 or send us an email at

Price is per person and is a deposit only


The whale shark is 45 cm (17.7 inches) at birth and the whale shark is the worlds largest living fish that reaches lengths in excess of 46' (14m). The whale shark is a filter feeder, meaning it opens its huge mouth taking in water and filtering out plankton. It can grow to a maximum length 14 m (46 feet), and possibly larger. The whale shark is aptly named to express the magnitude of their size. It is estimated that most whale sharks live for around 100-150 years, although this is not known for certain.
Snorkeling with whale sharks:
Whale sharks are gentle giants. They are curious but cautious around humans. Tour operators travel out into the deep ocean and find schools of tuna, mackerel and Manta Rays wich accompany whale sharks. Snorkeling with whale sharks is a truly mind blowing experience!

This tour does include hotel pick up service, and departs from Puerto Juarez.

Tour includes  round trip boat transportation, snorkeling gear, life jackets, tour guides, light lunch and beverages. This tour runs every day of the week during Whale Shark Season.

Price: $135 per person.